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London Sightseeing by Helicopter. Our most popular tour!

London Sightseeing by helicopter should definitely be on your bucket list of sightseeing tours to do.

Experience the breath-taking architecture and scenery of London and view it from the comfort of your London Sightseeing tour by helicopter. Nothing can match the thrill of a helicopter sightseeing tour of London especially when you share it with friends and family. From the moment the helicopter lifts into the…

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London Sightseeing Champagne Exclusive – Romantic VIP

Wanting to go that extra mile and do something special for a loved one, then why not book a romantic VIP helicopter flight. Your exclusive flight in a luxury helicopter will take you on a romantic sightseeing tour of London. Whilst you take in the giddy highlights of the London skyline from your personal helicopter, sip a glass of champagne and revel in the sheer luxury and decadence of the moment and your helicopter tour for two.

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London Sightseeing by Helicopter including the Olympic Park

If you couldn’t get tickets to the 2012 Olympics, then a London sightseeing tour by helicopter including a helicopter tour over the Olympic Village is not to be missed. Admire the sheer scale of the Olympic village which encompasses the world-class Aquatics Centre, Velodrome, Copper Box Arena and the magnificent stadium where the opening ceremony was held. Take in the panoramic scenery and imagine yourself…

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