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London Sightseeing by Helicopter. Our most popular tour!

London Sightseeing by helicopter should definitely be on your bucket list of sightseeing tours to do.

Experience the breath-taking architecture and scenery of London and view it from the comfort of your London Sightseeing tour by helicopter. Nothing can match the thrill of a helicopter sightseeing tour of London especially when you share it with friends and family. From the moment the helicopter lifts into the…

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London Sightseeing Champagne Exclusive – Romantic VIP

Wanting to go that extra mile and do something special for a loved one, then why not book a romantic VIP helicopter flight. Your exclusive flight in a luxury helicopter will take you on a romantic sightseeing tour of London. Whilst you take in the giddy highlights of the London skyline from your personal helicopter, sip a glass of champagne and revel in the sheer luxury and decadence of the moment and your helicopter tour for two.

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London Sightseeing by Helicopter including the Olympic Park

If you couldn’t get tickets to the 2012 Olympics, then a London sightseeing tour by helicopter including a helicopter tour over the Olympic Village is not to be missed. Admire the sheer scale of the Olympic village which encompasses the world-class Aquatics Centre, Velodrome, Copper Box Arena and the magnificent stadium where the opening ceremony was held. Take in the panoramic scenery and imagine yourself…

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Kent Heritage Helicopter Tour

The Garden of England as you have never seen it before with its historic sites dating as far back as the 13th Century.

Your helicopter tour takes you over Hever Castle the childhood home of Anne Boleyn, the tragic Queen of Henry VIII and mother of Queen Elizabeth 1. Eastwards to Chiddingstone Castle, which dates back to the 1500’s and served as a military base in…

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Portsmouth and Isle of Wight Helicopter Tour

This helicopter tour is not for the feint hearted as you get in touch with your ‘sea legs’.

Your helicopter tour takes you west passing to the southern edge of Dorking en-route to the South Downs taking in the sights of Dunsfold Airfield where Top Gear was filmed then onto the market town of Midhurst where you will see the magnificent ruins of Cowdray House, one…

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Royal Surrey Helicopter Tour

Truly a step back in time as you absorb the historic beauty of the Surrey countryside from the comfort of your helicopter.

Your helicopter tour flies you to the famous beauty spot of Box Hill and the Mole Gap, scene of the famous picnic in Jane Austin’s ‘Emma’. As your helicopter flight continues westwards you will be able to admire the symmetry of the vineyards at…

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South Coast Helicopter Tour

Most of us have been to the South Coast as children so why not re-live those happy childhood memories and view it from the air.

You will appreciate the pure size of Gatwick Airport as London’s second biggest airport as you fly directly over heading to follow the Brighton mainline as the trains pass over the Ouse Valley Viaduct. The viaduct is an incredible feet of…

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