Media Photography

Aerial Filming from Surveying to Photography to Media………. Charter our experience


Our commercial helicopter pilots are skilled and practiced in aerial survey work and filming. They will work with you to achieve the right heights, elevations and angles required to achieve the necessary high quality footage providing you with efficient and accurate photographic records.

Aerial Photography

Our CAA approved helicopter pilots are…

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Aerial Filming

If helicopter hire for aerial filming is not a feasible option for you and you still need ‘your eye in the sky’ then look no further and utilise the skills of our experienced operators and hire a drone (UAV) to undertake your aerial filming.

Our drone operators are fully qualified…

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Toastmaster/Master of Ceremonies

Think of a toastmaster and think of a wedding – why?

A wedding without a toastmaster is like an orchestra without a conductor, everybody makes the right noises but all at the wrong times.

Take that statement further and you have a Master of Ceremonies experienced to officiate at a wide variety of functions. Employing the proficiency and practiced skills of…

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