Bumblebee Charters – Logistical Transfers

Bumblebee Charters provide time-efficient solutions to meet your executive and business requirements.
Avoid delays by road or train, cut the hassle, stay focussed and get the maximum out of your day, let Bumblebee Helicopter Charters take the strain out of your business life and get you there on time.

  • Simple boarding procedures
  • Point to point travel
  • No traffic delays
  • Save time on travelling
  • Arrive at your destination refreshed, composed and ‘ready to go’

No longer do you have to spend hours travelling, staying overnight in hotels only to travel back tired the next day; by chartering one of our helicopters we can arrange to deliver you to multi-site meetings and back home in time for dinner! Let us take the stress and strain out of your business travel and get you to your destination on time focussed and ‘ready to go’.

In addition, we provide a confidential, discrete, tailor-made charter service for blue chip companies and high profile personalities who in today’s busy environment need a service they can trust.

Flying in and out of Battersea avoids all of the above. Bumblebee Charters will have a car waiting for you to take you on to your meeting, dining experience, hotel or theatre visit ensuring you arrive in good time.

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